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grion's Journal

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Hello and wellcome to my journual.:)

I'm Grion /Gr-ee-oh-n/ da wulffox who like her boyfriend, make friends, do arts and being happy. My "fursona" is me, not just one random character.
I like and enjoy drawing (digital and traditional pictures too) and make fursuits for furs.:)
Im friendly so dont afraid of me! :)

Im a student. Actually I learn "theater scene and costume designer" in my hometown, Debrecen. If anything going right, I will learn tattooing and take piercings. After If anything going right, I will go to Art University, Budapest. :)

I like writing journual.
Sometime I do it private mood, and my mother language (hungarian). Sorry for that. :)
But allways try to read my friend's and group's posts. :)