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Sep. 29th, 2010


(no subject)

Hello all!

I finished my second-full plantigrade fursuit. :))
It was a grey-white-black fox for W.Fox... Originally, he liked baby-blue fur or grey, but I told him grey will be better for the fox (I know that just my opinion :).) plus we can find it earlier in the internet. :P
I did little ref-sheet for him and when we got the fur... I started working on his suit. :)
First on his head, after handpaws and feetpaws, tail and last was the body...  and i made my first fursuit sandals for this suit :D! 
I like to show wip pictures and finished stuffs for you...:) 

Letsseemore...:)Collapse )

Sep. 12th, 2010


My summer (paiting, rip,fun) and plans (ef)


My summer was totally awesome and all...
I worked with my classamtes, Oli was here with me for 2weeks. :333
We had great time together...^^ All day went to the city with bycicle.
One day, when we went to cinema, the street where we have to go was closed. Dont understand why, but there was a totally crushed motorbyke... Didnt knowed nothing, but we did a big evasive and watched "the last air blinder" - and i think, the cartoon is more better- eaten in the City, and when we come home met with Bogi, who was bycicle too, and talked about this crush motorbyke, ...and we watched the road was opened, and there where this happend were candles, peoples...all cried, was totally sad, we got: someone is died there. :/
I was sad, because I felt I known the person who died there...and eh, I got true. He was Csaba...
Csaba was my friend at kinder-garden, plus we learned at same high school just I was class "c" and he was at class "d" but we met at english lessons, and we had fun times. True, he was not ever my best-friend, or anything like that, but I knowed something about him, I knowed him... RIP Csaba. We will missing you.

After when Oliver is gone home, we got big job -thing with my class.
Had to paint, again... Started all day 8am, and finished 7pm. Was totally awwwwesomeee...was hooot, toootally hot in the city center. But: many people liked it, got toooootally many good cricique blabla. :3
One old guy commed up to me and told " Oh miss, I see you can use the brush perfectly. Your place is not here, Your place is at artist-yard! I have eyes for seeing artists. One other thing is better than this picture what you makeing: your eyes..." Well, I laughed, all ooold guy want to pick me up -.-;; fffff
And other things: we was at television, not once D: ... we was at internet news (haon), we was at radio etc etc. Bahhhhh...was long, little bit fun, but just little bit.
After this I went Budapest to my Oliver. We had great time there too... I met with my bro and his wife (yeah, in last september was the wdding :)...awwww), I met with my old friend, Peter ^^ It was a first time, but Im talking with him 3 years :3 8D was toootally fun, we met first, went to the pub drunk a little bit after went hunting food >:3...well, we find McDonalds with cheesburgers and tacoburgers -oli and Peter like this better than chese :C...baww- and the guys started talking english, so some minutes i tried talking too, and..huh, hey, it was fun. We walked up to mountain Gellért, and sit down..started eat :3 We tinhked a littel story:
I came from Texas, Oli came from Iowa -idiot slipknow lover :3 <3- and Peter came from Vencouver. XD
was fun, laughed too much ^^...and come little idiot kids, stolen from foods, talked idiont things (but we talked now english too), and after they went away.
BUT, some minutes before come back D: ...and eh, I was too idiot, I told "lol friends are here" and they come back, stolen the drink what guys bought, tried stolen something from Peters bag D: ..omg.
So we talked english, eaten burgers,watched fireworks, was fun.
We planed one little met thing at Olis house (with some furs) but...eh...not now :C .
I planed little fur walk with Beni, W.Fox and Oli..and I tried up some other furs -who i like, and I think they likeing met too- but they was "ill" and one didnt up the phone :/. Mew...so we was at Margit island,was fun fursuiting. Really. I missed it...
but little sad thing: Oli cannot wearing his fursuit, plus didnt have great photoshots about :/ mew.
But was fun, next time we will better and will be there moar furs. Duhh! >:3

Whats more? Now its my last year, after I wanna go to uni, and after? I dunno...
Im doing my driving lessons, do fursuits -and cannot believe how im enjoy this. ^^ I wanna do more and more and more and......~
Now Im going to drawing new fursuit sheet for me -one other character D:
just sadly, I dunno when I will enough money for do fursuits for me, o lol. :)
But I have idesas, toooooo many >:3

i hope, I would be at EF next year with my boy. :) In fursuits of course ^^ yayyyyy!!!

Mar. 26th, 2010

:, (

this morning is a sh*t.

Morning 4:55 am...
totally early time, but one old lady cames today morning and told my dawg all night jump in her garden...Allways tried bundle out but my stupid dog allways come back :/
(One other lol things:
yesterday I late 1 hour from school because of my dog. Jumped out and wanted come with me....Allways....after I closed her in the house :/
Plus yesterday morning my dad and mom find her when they are went working -it was earlier)

I thinked the walk will help on my dog, so we walked with her..its worked...sadly just worked.

So my dog just wanna break out or something like that...(btw when she do that usually late night come home... eh, automatic dawg, walking alone)

So now my mom told:
Had a great idea....
with my dad...
They wanted to sign away to my dad's workplace for "guarddog" because there actually dont have a dog.One labrador for guarddog?! This dog kissing the housebreakers!! She is super friendly and all! :/ Great. Is That a great idea?! F*ckoff! Its my dog.
I understand we cannod do now a new ring-fence. (we believed it only hops out on a place ...but no. She can do it everywhere. Rly :( )

So actually I dunno whats will be the best mood for her, for neighbor and of course for me and my family :/. But I know I will not sign away her!

oh and other f*cking awesome info: I didnt see my cat more than 1 mouth! Other great thing.

have a nive day, guys.

can you believe, this is my stupid silly dog who allways jumping around? ...silly idiot dawg.

Mar. 12th, 2010

DUH bored

School project for theatre with lil' idiot things P:

my last 3 weeks was totally fast. I wanted allways talkin about but....but now I have free time. Its will be long -maybe- ....
 I thought a lot of what kind language to write this journual...'cuz I think my hun. friends understand my bad english too, but... I think not too many friend watchin this account/journual/stuff  :)

Where started this?..
You know, we got big project from theatre 'cuz "we are" (I mean my department...'cuz we are the "first" in my town and in my  school too) in the city, plus my school made many things for...-.- (example: theatre's dining room made by graphic department, posters etc.etc)
The project was :
We had to designed and constructed "Deszka fesztivál" (=Board festival. Its the theatre's festival, but i dunno why have this silly name :D.Its mean have 20-25 lectures in a week, all give off only once. ^^ Aaaand plus positive thing: theatre troupes comes from all over the country, so, Its a great time for watchin' how playing 'big actors in Bárka theatre" XD ) street advertising. We got for simply 2 weeks...for aaaall!:)

SOooo....3 weeks ago, we got this "mission", first we watched look at what shows will be, plus criticals of them and their contents. After we started thinking on ideas... all, the class. :D Was fun XDD...After we started doin sketches/arts/desing for the ideas. :3... (I had to draw totally many, I not draw for 1-2 project but the others I did.. I had to because Judit think I have totally 'desing thinking' and I can draw like that....well, Its mean lots to me. Rly.I thinked I can show my works-later you know why I cannot -watch yesterday- -.-)
It was...2-3 days, cuz we had many idea, and this week's end Judit was in theatre showin the desinged drawings....THEY LOVED ALL! D. What that mean?? = We had to do many-many thing for, all what we thinked...omg. :/
Weekend my boy was here with me...ah. Im allways happy when he is here. Rly. :) But I was little embarassed...because If I goin alone to the theatre's workshop, I will be there totally late, so he is went with me :P hehe. Plus in first day we met one new girl, Zsófi :P She is not my classmate, and not will be, simply wanna learn more about.:) (Originally she is architect student at Budapest.)
Other days we were in Theatre's workshop...this is "little" build in edge of town- when I went home with bus, i just travelled 1,5 hours lol O__o ....Its a big  build where 4 company working,btw. All day met in the school, after we went here with Judit's or  Anna's car...where had free seat:P
We did 3 big human, puzzle, big-big suitcase,ear, 3 poker cards from OSB..so are stuff such giant! P: We did shoues -poured into plaster-, underwears -we add colors for P: ....
At the days end, when the "workingmans" finished (3:00pm), we stayed and worked more..:/ but after all day went to back school and worked there too. (hmmm...first day I came home earlier than others because of my boy, next day I was just in the workshop after came home, next i was at home cuz I was illX___x, next i was again just in the workshop but last day i was in the school too..omg, we finished 9:30pm! OMg! XD Grreat...) but hey, we finished aaall project! Hoooray X___x;;;
Saturday Ami Judit and Józsi took the shoes in front of Theatre, and next day Judit was little bit "intresting" with me and Anna because we dont came -.-.... heh. I got "If you will have a job and have to do your work you will not sleep". :D O well, Im not rly affect because of this XD~
This week Monday's mornin we met in the city centre ...we took all stuff where we got permit from the City Hall~...oh ohoh.
Boargh.... went home after this...but I was home just 1 or 2 hoursO__o cuz we went to the "opening"...well...it wasnt a big boom for me -.-.;;; and I think nobody from my class.
But, after we went pastry shop, eat some sweet stuff :333...but Juci told she wanna eat baked potato so we went to the Forum where we eaten again XDDD;
BUT when we finished run back to the theatre and watched "Móricz 2009" by nyíregyháza company. (And it was the best in this week i think.) After (10:00pm) juci and Hajni wanted to watchin 'Cupido' too, but it was in MODEM plus we late too much :C .
Nexd day I late my bus :/ ..eh...so i was at home. -.- ....not problem, the others told to me it was a totally boring stuff O__o heh okey.
Next day I thinked the show starting at 7:00 pm, but no...6:00pm, and I was little bit angry, because nobody told that to me:P...Of course, its my fault too-.- Why not asked it? BTW, watched "33 version for Haydn skull" by Bárka theatre(Budapest). Well....it was little bit confused for me O__o I thinked just because im late, but my classmates told to me no D:...the all was totally confused O_o
. Well, for once -and free- was totally okey... P:
Yesterday we watched "Bethlen" but from who?? I dont know O__o; The story is dry,historical. BUT the scenery and costumes was totally great.

AND yesterday was little bit...mm... sad too for me. P: I told in twitter im little bit  "disapointted", because Im not rly know what Im feel. I never feel before like this:/...
I asked again the sketches from Judit, because I wanted to show my drawings with photoshots....When I asked it her, told to me "yeah i scaned it i will send it to you". Tomorrow I asked again and now told to me "Why important that for you?" I told why...I told what I wanna do with, but her told: " Well, I think Im not scanned it, and dont have photos about drawings". I asked "But why told that you scanned it??" "because I just wanted to told something" I just told "but..." because I dont told nothing more, I got shock for a minute but her told more " You are  clever girl. You can draw it again" "But its not like this!!" And that was all....:/ So  I think now you know why Im feel it ...Judit told laaater we will triing ask from theatre...maybe they give it back. HAH I laughed...I think, No. (and I think Judit now that too).*sigh*
Thats all...I think its disapoint feeling, or something like that, but I know its not positive.

Tomorrow is the last day. I dont know what we will watching, but Im not rly wait it because of yesterday :/...
I know, if she triing to being "funny and cute" I will not with her... Unfortunately, I cannot being cute and all before this...I will forget this, because I have to. Thats all.

Well...this alllllll was great experienc for me, and for my class. Rly. But thats all...

BTW other things what makes me..mm...happy?:
-I got one other fursuit comission, Im just wait the fur for. Its will be a grey-fox for Winged Fox. After I can finishing my boyfriends fursuit too.(yeah, its makes me happy)
-I will starting do driver licence. Next week...oh well. Im not rly wait it. After if im finishing I will goin and starting do my language exam..one othet thing what Im not rly wait :/ (its not rly makes me happy..im little bit afraid of ^^;;)

Fff....thats all?

Dec. 28th, 2009


art WIPS, plans, nowadays

I know
I never do journual like this before...
but now I like to do one! D: I wanna posting art WIPS...T__T

< WIPSCollapse )

little journual whats happened with me :3

My Xmass and holidays totally fun and great. Madden was here, we did gift for her mom,grandma and bf. :3 (I dunno whats happened or they liked it or not)
She like one picture from me D:...allways wanna picture D: But now I like to do romantic stuff or something like that...
(Lala -the bf- is lion with goatie , Madden's fursona is "myne creation" :P blue-red wulf)

Xmass...I got my first gift from Mad, when we bought the stuff for her gifts D: (I got choclate banana 8DMMMM YUMM!!)....after I got compressor (for airbrush), socks, new photo machine (not just myne, but I use it so hooray, one normally what can I use! GRRREAT)...my 24th night was "instresting", 'cuz the lights are dead in the street D: -after in all house so lol!
After I went to my Oli <3...(O btw, happily one year together with my silly.. How fast... O__o ) He got one pipe from me with all-stuff what that need :3...I got plushies (HAHA winter huskies :3 ), and finally one great mp3 <3 I love that guy.
Next day he cooked burittos (or what),after We were in a little meet (was short, fun, and all...liked it.^^) Oho, and walked suit, my Oli too... Heh, I wanna finishing his stuff finally, cuz he wanna doin his first walking with me (originally his plan was can buy fur in Jan...but actually not rly XD...But I have one plan too: walking in pest with Beni-too:) He never walked before in his suit..just wear at home wtf) O__o . After we watched "Avatar" eh...I cannot told anything. Not bad, but not my favorite movie O__o the world is nice, characters are fine but thats all :/
Next day afternoon he was at job-.-... Nothin' intresting...and today I came home D: bloeagh...-.-
But now I know where we will 31th <3 hehe...~

thats all guys..

Nov. 28th, 2009

pfh! suck! Censored so fun!

sick plus nowadays

Im ill..... :C
Its sucks....rly.
Its started 3 days ago, when I was at the school. My back pained like hell, my head and eyes too. :C When I came home finally, I tried to sleep. Im waited my mom, because I didnt knowed where is the thermometer.
When she came home -finally- I told her my head and back and legs and all pain. :C I got on algopyrin after we tried to find thermometer, but what we have its didnt working. :/
My mom called my dad, cuz' he was at my grandma,so we got thermometer from her.... When I got it, I didnt have fever. So, great.

Next day I got up earlier, and I eat algopyrin again, cuz my head pained like hell again. So, my dad take me and my mome to the doctor with car. I was at 7:20 am, but the doctor's office just opened 8:00 am:/...great.
Its my "new" doctor office, cuz Im 19 years old right now, so I had to go "adult doctor" rolf... -.-
One old lady tried to do "business" with me (she simply wanted to going before me D: because "I just told one thing for the doctor" "Me too" lol), 8:30 am called at the doctor :P... (my mom and her worked together 10 year before, so she remember me. )
She told to me, I have to go back Monday. :/ Great, I hope I'll be better fastly :C
I bought my pills :C ...after we was at one shop and bought bread, milk, etc what I took home with me. Awesome.

So Im at home... All days I eat my pills plus algopyrin because my head allways pain :C .... Today my right eye started to pain too. (Nowadays my eyes are "burn" but today its more painfully....:/ So I have to go ophthalmology when I'll be okey)

I dont do nothing intresting. Drawing, reading, watch idiot cartoons and layin all day in my bed. heh....

Btw, other things:
My boy was here, and I got one cute box from him :P....
I took in this box Ruff's fursuit :3...so when I got his payment I can send it for him. Im excited, wait what he will thinking about. (Plus great thing: he's will be in my fursuit at FC)
More other: My dad bought one (other) simson star -.-....Its will be his own. The other one is myne, but We would like to finishing the paint and all untill April.
I asked him why? for what? and all...but he told to me why not? plus his little byke is "not okey".*shrug* He knows...-.-

well, originally I thinked this little journual will be longer, but now Its enough. I have to drink my syrup now :C ...damm.

Sep. 23rd, 2009


critial mass <3

Yeiyy....:)Yesterday was critical mass <3....Uh. It was my first, but hey, I will go next time too~~8D
I think, everybody know what is 'critical mass' :P...

Yesterday when my last lesson finished, I come home fastly D: .... I was at home 15 minutes, and went to Békás-lake. XP I met with Madden and Lala, and we wait my classmate, Juci. :) Juci came with me, with my byke..XP  She sit in my "luggage rack" XD he-he...
So, I wasnt alone in the mass..ff :P <3
After, when I came home I met with my old classmate, I didnt see her 1-2 years ago..XD So, we talked a little hehe ^^ ...  

nao, goin to school...:3 painting the chairs lol XP 

Sep. 21st, 2009

I feel gooood

badger-byke, fursuit and all :)


I feel something, what I felt totally long time ago. I'm supah heppy. :3

I got the pack from Ruff, so I can starting his fursuit, and its will be my first full-suit. :)
Plus my boyfriend was here, just some days, its true, but i will go next week. <3 (and  his b-day is coming too :P)  I got balacklava from Beni, so I can startning his head later too. :3 *totally  happy ^^ dreams coming lolz*

Oh, one other: My originally idea was I will buy one schwalbe from the comission's money, but my dad told to me I can "use" the simson star <3 (because its will be myne, just he allways told to me he wanna the "original painting"O__o like as the picture.) so I will do the "badger byke" ;) ...its one totally crazy idea from me, I will upload pictures and all I hope. 8D (hah, I started doing little badger ears in my helmet too..hehe :P -pictures later maybe.)

*sigh* :) heh, i hope anything will be just better and better.....~

Sep. 16th, 2009



Nah, I like to write something new about my school and life.

Actually I'm little ill...I have a sore throat, and when im cough totally hurt my all neck :/ blah....but im ok :P 
First big-stuff for the school: We got 14 chair from the school, we have to painting as 20. century artist style.
 O well. No prob.
I got 3 chair... one will be "ready made", "bauhaus" aaand "Miró" style. Duh.... *sigh* (Originally my teacher's plan was I will got 2 bauhaus stuff, and one readymade, but who originally wanted Miró told she dont want so...i got it -.- awesome)
I will send pictures if I finished... :P I hope those will be great. Actually I'm trying finishing the Miró's chair.. :/ Have little stuffs in... :/ little rings, things, patches,lines even meticulous work X___x....
The 'ready made' chair just need the "inscription" :P (I will do it friday). O well, lol all...
Tomorrow maybe we will got the painting lesson from Süli-Zakar, and we will can do those chairs D: .... (Originally the plan was we have to finish it monday)

So, I'm triing enjoy my class. Really....

Nah, you know, I've got the faux furs from San Francisco ( pictures: all fur, whiteclose and black- for Beni's fursuit, dark-brown and light-btown for Ruff's.) , haha, it was totally happy day for meh :3...Tomorrow my boy going to Beni, and he will give to him my money what I need for other stuffs (glue, balacklava, clay etc-etc).First I will do Beni's head, because I have to wait for Ruff's other pack, in there will be the dummy-tape and shoe for his fursuit.
I'm excited, guys.8D I wanna do great work for all ...:) And maybe I will can do moar...he-he. :P 
(When Beni and Ruff buyed the fur, originally me, and Oliver wanted too..but we havent any money for..:/ maybe one mouth later. :) )
I had got idiot job from Ywerd maybe one mouth ago (?)...:( He and his friend wanna do little-flash game and I'm drawing the all pictures for it...:/ I'm so slowly with this because its totally boring and I'm not enjoying plus my tablet dying..-.- sometime working sometime not:/...But, of course, I'm triing to do my best. :P After we will see.

Just 2 days and my boy will be here with me, again. He-he :D 

Sep. 3rd, 2009

I feel gooood

New fursuiter comin, dammeet!


I feel dreams come true now.
Maybe its will be shortly dreams, but I hope...
Now we try buy furs for me, Oli. Beni and Ruff.

I will re-build Beni's fursuit head,  I will do full-fursuit for Ruff, and one half stuff for my boyfriend.
Beni's and Ruff's stuffs will be comission ( they pay the stuffs. I mean: fur, glue, balackclava, clay etc. plus what they think for my work). 
- I think I will do plus 2 or 3 fursuit like those-

I hope .... I will be the first, who make fursuit comissions in my country, lol.

plus tomorrow my teacher, Judit, wanna seein my all-costume what I did :/ OMFG.
Oh, tomorrow will be my bro and his girlfriend marrige <3 how cute, I will be there hehe :) 

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